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E. R. Huggins has taught physics at Dartmouth College since 1961. He was an undergraduate at MIT and got his Ph.D. at Caltech. His Ph.D. thesis under Richard Feynman was on aspects of the quantum theory of gravity and the non uniqueness of energy momentum tensors. This thesis may be downloaded as a pdf. Since then most of his research has been on superfluid dynamics and the development of new teaching tools like the student-built electron gun and MacScope™. He wrote the non calculus introductory physics text Physics1 in 1968 and the computer-based text Graphical Mechanics in 1973. The Physics2000 text, which summarizes over thirty years of experimenting with ways to teach physics, was written and class tested over the period from 1990 to 1998. All the work of producing the text was done by the author, and his wife, Anne Huggins. The text layout and design was by the author's daughter Cleo Huggins who designed eWorld™ for Apple Computer and the Sonata™ music font for Adobe Systems.


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